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Bethesda Softworks - Wiki - Forum

Developer of the Elder Scrolls series

The Elder Scrolls - Wiki - Forum

The official homepage of The Elder Scrolls game series

The Imperial Library

Tamrielic lore and history site

The Unofficial Elder Scroll's Pages

Information, hints and walkthrus for all Elder Scrolls games

Academy for Dwemer Studies

Studies about Dwemer Runes and Elder Scrolls astrology


Morrowind optimization & unofficial patches

The Morrowind Patch Project

The Morrowind Patch Project (MPP), formerly known as the Unofficial Morrowind Patch (UMP) by Thepal and quorn fixes almost all of the bugs and problems with Morrowind and its expansions. While the official patches by Bethesda only fixed a couple of dozen bugs, this patch fixes several hundred. The goal of this patch is to make the game completely bug-free (within the abilities of the TESCS).

The Morrowind Code Patch - Download

The Morrowind Code Patch (MCP) by Hrnchamd and Psyringe aims to fix bugs and problems in Morrowind which are not addressable with The Elder Scrolls Construction Set. This is done with a user-friendly front-end, which applies only the patches you select to the Morrowind executable, while saving a backup of the original program.

All features are optional. Each feature can be independently turned off within the installer.

Morrowind Expanded 2009

New Morrowind installation and tweak guide

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Tweak Guide

Tweaktown's Morrowind performance tweak quide

Morrowind FPS Optimiser

In short it improves Morrowind performance by adjusting its options (View/AI Distance) on fly to keep desired FPS range (customizable for inventory, indoor and combats). Can also "unlock" View Distance beyond game default maximum (as well as minimum if needed). Introduces N-PATCH (TRUFORM) support into Morrowind (game world objects geometry smoothness and more realistic lightning model) (what is TRUFORM?) along with Matrox Parhelia Surround Gaming three monitor support (what is this?) and many other cool features (highly adjustable).


Oblivion optimization & unofficial patches

Unofficial Oblivion Patches

Unofficial patches for Oblivion, Shivering Isles and the official plugins. Fixes huge number of bugs not fixed by official patches (required)

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tweak Guide

Tweakguides Oblivion performance tweak quide

Optimising Oblivion v3.0

Oblivion gameplay optimization guide using mods


Mods and resources

Mod hosting and download sites

Planet Elder Scroll's - Forum

Morrowind and Oblivion Mod, information and resource site

TES Nexus - Forum

Morrowind and Oblivion mod hosting site

Filefront, Elder Scrolls Section

Hosts various Morrowind and Oblivion mods

FilePlanet, Elder Scroll's Section - Forum

Hosts various Morrowind and Oblivion mods


General modding sites

Baratheon79's Morrowind Mods

Large number of mods in various categories

Cali's Mod Page

Cali's New Betroll's, Clothing and Kitchen among others

Elric of Melnibone in Morrowind

Elric's Sword, Melnibone Race & other mods

Emma's Elder Scroll's site

Various companion, romance and related mods by Emma, Grumpy (RIP) and some other modders Staff Mods

Arie of Tir Thalor, Tir Tharol Quest, Tribunal Balance/Fix, A call to Issilar, Inn of Whispering Wood and Forests of Vvardenfall mods

Khalazza Production

Various mods including Morrowind Visual Pack, NPC replacer, Trees Replacement among others.

Tommy Khajiit's hideout

Various Plugins for morrowind (Timisoara Experience, Arkham Experience, Victorian Experience etc.)


Character appearance enchantment

Better Bodies - Forum

Better Bodies is a project dedicated to replacing the original segmented models of Morrowind with fully deformable, continuous bodies.

NPC replacer 3.50

ZeroTheHero's NPC Face Replacer Mod


Clothing, weapons and misc. items

Better Clothes - Forum

Better Clothes is a collection of textures and models intended to replace all of the original clothing in Morrowind with new clothing optimized for Better Bodies.

Jeremy's Knights of Tamriel

Several wonderfully designed knight armours with small quest to get them

Divine Domina

Female domina versions of most of the in-game armors.


Creature packs and related

Giants Ultimate 2.7.1

This mod adds almost 200 new creatures to fight in Morrowind; Giants, Lich, Zombies, Mummies, etc.

Wilderness Mod 2.1

Brings wilderness to life


Terrain and general graphics upgrages

Morrowind Visual Pack

Enhances the textures in Morrowind by making them more realistic and increasing the resolution. Graphic intensive. Also check the Nature Update.


Sound, voice and dialogue

The Morrowind Voice Addon Project

Dagoth Gares Voice Addon, Dagoth Ur Voice Addon, Vivec Voice Addon...

Almalexia Voice-Over Mod

This mod allows the goddess Almalexia to speak all of her lines to you! This mod requires Tribunal. The mod will work if you have Bloodmoon installed, but it is NOT required.

Less Generic NPC's

This project aims to replace all the generic dialogue in Morrowind with more interesting, engaging dialogue. We want every NPC in a town to have his or her own personality and back story. We have decided to approach this mod town by town, and release each town when it is finished.


Large Mods and Total Conversions

Dragon's Breech

Dragon's Breech is a Total Conversion Modification for the game Morrowind. It is being built by two people, Lady Eternity and Proudfoot. The content base for this mod is high fantasy, and will include wonderous creatures from butterflies to Unicorns. (almost 300MB)

Tamriel Rebuild Project

Massive joint venture of morrowind modders aiming to recreate entire continent of Tamriel with Morrowind Construction Set